fredag 15. august 2014

DIY, upcycling old t-shirts.

Heyoo sweets!

I don't like letting go of my clothes. But sometimes I really should. Like when old t-shirts have gotten that distinct and undeniably gross stank it acquires after years of having been worn and kept you warm and stylin' through thick and thin. It sucks balls, 'cause those t-shirts are a part of me. But I can't wear them. Thinking I should throw them away. Staring at that Pixies t-shirt that I love sooo much, which was the last shirt that the handsome, tattooed, sketchy looking guy at that festival had to sell, and I felt SO lucky when I got one - the last one! HELL IF I'M THROWING THIS OUT! But I want to wear it too. What to do, what to do.. I know! I will upcycle it! So I got to work:

First, I cut off the sleeves, like so:

Then I cut around the neckline of the t-shirt (this is optional, of course, I just like it better this way):

Did the same at the bottom of the t-shirt, like this:

And viola - this is the result:

 And I am super pleased, I love my old but new Pixies top!

That wraps up my super easy DIY tutorial that can help you save your fave t-shirts! Have fun cropping!

Ps: If you decide to try it out, I would love to see how it turned out. :)

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