torsdag 21. august 2014

Comforting and soft.

Ever since I was little, I found great comfort in stuffed animals and the cuddles they give. They were always there, through thick and thin, through disappointments and sadness, through triumphs and joyous times. Always there. And I love them for that. I'm forever greatful, in fact, which is why I started making my version of them at one point. Until one day when I became convinced I was too old to make stuff like that. "What will people think?". It made me so unhappy, of course, because making quirky things is a part of who I am, and an important part of what makes me happy. So, after a while, I said to myself:"me, you know what people will think? There goes a happy person!". So this is an ode to all the things that makes us happy, no matter if it is socially accepted or not (granted you don't hurt anyone else or yourself of course!!). Do your thing and be yourself and f*** the unnecessary bulls*** ! It's not only okay, but in fact it is required for you to be yourself at this point in time! So let's make like scruffy cuddle kitty, and stride with pride!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Preach it, girl! We've got to do what makes us happy! xoxoxox
    Oh, and this guy is a super cutie XD

  2. Amen to that! And he says to tell you thanks, he's glad to be here! :)